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Marseille boatcharters on the southern french coats and Cote d´Azur

Marseille is the 2nd biggest town in France and the capital of the south. Big ferries arrive and leave everyday from the Port Maritime. There are several pleasure boat ports and chartercompanies located here, however, the most of them work on the coastline more easterly, the Cote d´Azur and Corsica as well as the french carribbean islands like Martinique and St.Lucia.

Many travelguides like give good advice to visit Marseille both if you are a normal tourist or a sailor coming with your own boat or try to charter one her.

Most sailors and charterers of a sailing yacht however arrive at the Marseille airport, take a taxi to one of the closer destination ports like La Ciotat or Bandol or get a transfer organized by the chartercompany to Bandol, Hyeres, Toulon.

A good idea can be to check for direct flights to the airport of Toulon/Hyeres. The gates of this airport are just next door to the marina of Hyeres, and as well Toulon is not so far away.

Arriving in Marseille, you can rent a car, get your transfer or a taxi, and pass Marseille by tunnel pretty quickly heading east.

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