Segeln an der Küste der Calanques Cote d´Azur

Les Calanques - sailing your Charteryacht to some of the most impressing bays on the Cote d´Azur

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The "Calangues" is the name of a mountain-area and from the seaside as well for a number of bays, that are really worth to see, when you sail east of Marseille at the Cote Provence, the western part of the southern french coast, a tourist usually means, when he speaks about the "Cote d´Azur" . "Calanques" comes from "cala", a steep slope.

In millions of years, the rivers cut deep beds into the chalk, and after the iceage-periods theese beds were flooded by the sea and created very impressing bays with some hundred meter high natural sculptures!

The mountains of the Calanques create anther phenomenon, which is advantageous for yachting and sailing and any other kind of watersports: the temperature is regulated by the sea, the conservation and reflection of the mountains and stones and it prevents from the strong and cold northerly wind feared as Mistral

By that reason, the weather between Marseille and Cassis and as well easterly until St.Tropez is usually better than further west, where the Mistral comes from the north blowing from the Rhone delta and easterly, where it gets his ways between the sea alps and increases speed.

Les Calanques between Marseille and Cassis ideal area for sailing trips with a chartered yacht

(not for navigational use!)

Port Minou is the Calanque very close to Cassis where you can sail with your charterboat


Here some impressions for yachtcaptains sailing from Cassis to the west. The first and most frequented bay is the Calanque de Port-Miou, which has an infrastructure for boat-mooring, and as we can imagine, in summertime it must be pretty full here.






Cassis most close Calanque Port Miou with moorings for sailing boats and motoryachts visiting this Calanque


the calanques are visited by many dayboats and motoryachts as well as sailingyachtsThe other Calanques are not accessible by law in summertime, only by boat, but nearly all year around, the small shuttle boats from Cassis make round-trips, and in springtime and autumn, many people stay in one of the bays, some take a sunbath, others start climbing, because the mountains are really high (some have more than 100m!) steep!






Calanque de Morgiou has steep mountain walls and is worth to be visited with your Yacht either if chartered or owned ..........The Grotte Cosquer is an incredible artefact from iceage times interesting to be seen from the charterboat and yacht from seaside
Sailing alongseide the coast


some bays are really unspoiled...Calanque de Sugiton quite and calm even when sailing boats or motoryachts are moored here





view from the bay´s inside to the sea
from your sailingboat and charteryacht one can have wonderfull views to the sea

enormous capes passed on a sailing trip from Cassis to Marseille or Cote d´Azur


in the distance one can see the Ile de Riou

After a wonderful day on your sailingyacht in the bays de Calanques, you can sail to Cassis or Marseille



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